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Sunday School

The South Main St. Gospel Hall hosts three vibrant Sunday School classes.   Each Sunday, before the students go to their separate classes, they enjoy a time of lively singing, often followed by a short lesson from the Bible or a short quiz game.

Junior Class

Mrs. Manju Chand teaches the junior class.  Students aged 3 to 7 learn Bible stories and the lessons behind them.  Each student memorizes a key verse each week.  Mrs. Chand uses pictures, puzzles, and hands-on activities to engage her students and to encourage them to share her love of God and His Word.

Intermediate Class

Miss Fay Wong teaches the intermediate class.  Her students, aged 8 to 14, explore how the Bible applies itself to their lives.  Miss Wong encourages students to ask questions and to work to understand the meaning of the Bible portions they memorize.

High School, College, and Careers Class

Mr. Brett Downie and Mr. Rocky Hull teach the teenagers and young adults.  This class studies through extended passages of the Bible over a series of weekly sessions.  This is a lively class where interaction is encouraged as students learn about the Lord Jesus Christ, His teachings, and His great sacrifice.

Special Events

All students are invited to participate in the Annual Christmas Program each December and Field Games at the Sunday School Picnic in June.  Teachers also organize field trips, often in conjuction with the English Bible Circle, to exciting destinations in and around Vancouver.


Regular Sunday School is from 11:30 to 12:30, each Sunday during the school term.  During the summer, we encourage all students to continue to attend for the Summer Series as guest teachers give special lessons for the whole school.