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Om & Manju Chand

Om Chand

I was born in a beautiful part of the world called Suva, Fiji Islands.  Actually, my father and mother had fled to Fiji from the Punjab in India to avoid the civil war which raged before the division of India and Pakistan.  I was the third of seven children in our family.  I was raised on a farm and knew what it was to work in the fields from my earliest childhood.  Our life was simple, and I had time to think about the meaning of my life.  I often wondered what the purpose of it all was. more...

Russell Anderson

I was born at Vancouver's St. Paul's Hospital at 11:40 a.m. — just in time for lunch.  I was born again in Richmond at 28 years of age — in time to make it to Heaven.
    “Christ is the Saviour of Sinners;
        Christ is the Saviour for me!”
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